Municipal wastewater treatment plants for a connection value up to 10,000 PT.

Alongside our standard programme of wastewater treatment plants with a connection value of up to 1,000 PT, we offer you tailor-made solutions for small and medium-sized municipal applications. In this field we see ourselves as product-independent planning and implementation firm for wastewater treatment systems with a performance of up to 50,000 PT. Our scope of services and delivery covers all steps from process-technical concept up to complete technical dimensioning of all components of the wastewater treatment plant – from the inlet pump station over the mechanical preliminary treatment to the biological treatment stage up to the treatment of the excess sludge. The acquisition of all components and materials from our subcontractors, the in-house engineering and the production of the plant control system (where all our knowhow counts!), the detailed checking and preparation of all articles before delivery as well as a well-prepared documentation make our packet complete.

There are no individual off-the-hook solutions. Therefore, with you, we elaborate the optimum for the treatment of your wastewater.

After the treatment process has been decided our service personnel go over to the dimensioning and selecting of the appropriate units: The dimensioning of the pump station, selection of the appropriate pumps for the raising of the water from sewer system level to the wastewater treatment plant, selection of the mechanical screen, dimensioning of the SBR tank and the selection of the required aerators dependent on the biological load. All parts are so selected that the optimum solution for the desired performance is delivered.

A whole series of planning tasks precede each construction of a wastewater treatment plant. The better these preparations are carried out the more efficiently can the plant subsequently be conceived, planned and realised. Therefore, with larger projects, from the beginning our PROFESSIONAL Team supports you with its comprehensive services and looks after you until well beyond the completion of the plant. Naturally, at the start of each new wastewater treatment plant there is always the question: "What precisely is to be constructed?“ However, before there is an answer there is a host of further questions which have to be answered first within the scope of the determination of the actual status.


With an on-site inspection we determine the local conditions and clarify what matters: site of the plant, piping and cabling, peripheral devices to be added, possible existing tanks, requirements on the discharged water, and a lot of other matters….

Concept approaches

After all relevant information has been assessed, on the basis of your individual circumstances, we produce various alternative concept approaches, which altogether are in a position to achieve the objectives given to us by you – each in its own way. Ultimately, “all roads lead to Rome…“.

Jointly reaching a solution

These approaches to a solution form the basis for the elaboration of the optimum solution. Together with you, in one or more meetings, the different variants are discussed, the respective pros and cons weighed against each other and cost-benefit effects are compared with each other. And, eventually, there it is: The concept for your wastewater treatment plant.

Convincing others

Often, other people have a say in the matter. In such cases our PROFESSIONAL Team is also at hand: We present the completely elaborated concept to the decision makers and convincingly and in all detail present the whys and wherefores of the elaborated solution – regardless of whether one is concerned with open council meetings, associations, authorities or company decision makers.

JNow we’re really off..

Once this hurdle is over, things really begin to start with us: The final design of the plant is elaborated, planning and approval documents are produced, explanatory reports are written and possible texts for requests for bids are formulated. If further components such as, for example, fat separators, screw screens or ordinary screens are required, we also take care of these and provide assistance with the selection of the optimum peripheral devices. Naturally this does not take place without your input. Because communication is not just a buzzword with us but rather means a continuous exchange of relevant information.


While your wastewater treatment plant is in production in our works the PROFESSIONAL Team also takes care of your project and is continuously in action with regard to your wastewater treatment plant — checking production dates if, occasionally, short-notice modifications should arise...

Assembly and acceptance

Once your wastewater treatment plant is ready and has been put through its paces, assembly, the test phase and the acceptance of the plant follow. And our specialists from our PROFESSIONAL Team are unfailingly to hand...

The control centre and control box for AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL XXL

No AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL XXL is like another; each plant is designed according to individual requirements, needs and circumstances, each plant planned with individual tank size and geometry. The same individuality also naturally has a bearing with the intelligence of the plant: with the control centre. The classical AQUAmax® PROFESSIONAL XXL-control system regulates the plant completely automatically. This system can, however, completely as desired, be fitted with various additional functions. Thus, for example, various operating conditions can be checked remotely far away from the plant, a control centre heating can protect electronic components from the cold and moisture or a power failure monitoring can signal a plant-hazarding power failure.