We offer industry-specific solutions for the treatment of your wastewater. Further information can be found under the following headings.

Municipal applications
Food industry
Tourism and catering
Special applications
Depending on the location and capacity of a municipal, central wastewater system, it may be necessary to look for suitable alternatives. Due to limited development areas and rising land prices, it is increasingly common for many facilities to be located outside urban areas. Connecting such installations to a central sewage treatment plant often requires the cost-intensive expansion of the pipeline network. The decentralized solutions we offer present an affordable alternative.
As an indirect discharger, would you like to reduce your wastewater charges by reducing the pollutant concentration of your heavily polluted wastewater? As a direct discharger, are you looking for a biological wastewater treatment plant that is able to purify your wastewater in accordance with the legal requirements? We have the perfect solution for nearly every application.
SBR plants that use buffer tanks or equalisation basins to stock up are ideal for the tourism and gastronomy sectors. This practical system design allows peak weekend and/or public holiday loads to be buffered and processed on days with lower utilisation. As a result, the treatment plant can be smaller, thus reducing investment costs while providing evenly good discharge values.
You are welcome to inquire about system components or complete wastewater treatment plants for your special applications.
Possibilities include but are not limited to the treatment of heavily polluted surface waters from landfills and biogas plants or effluents from other aspects of agricultural production, such as wastewater contaminated with animal excrements.
Another increasingly interesting market is wastewater treatment for recycling the water, such as for irrigation purposes.