Components for wastewater treatment plants

Small wastewater treatment plants

from 1 to 50 PT

Wastewater treatment plants

up to 10.000 PT



New water treatment concept by ATB WATER

We need solutions that ensure safe wastewater treatment in urban and metropolitan areas, including in the event of natural disasters, improve the microclimate and mitigate heavy rainfall. ATB WATER presents its SEWTREE concept for the first time. Read more

Wastewater treatment plants

Complete equipped SBR wastewater treatment plants
Solutions for almost every situation and requirement!

Components for wastewater treatment plants

Aeration / Mixing / Decanting
Equipment for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications!

Small wastewater treatment plants

SBR septic tanks which are suitable for up to 50 residents – for houses and small apartment blocks, for new buildings and renovations

Whether it’s the AQUAmax® or PUROO®, we always have an ideal, reliable and efficient solution ready and waiting for you.


Replacement parts and accessories for wastewater treatment plants

Here, you can find our extensive range of compressors, submersible aerators, pumps, control systems, and maintenance equipment. This marketplace is exclusively for specialist companies. Register today!

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