ATB offers a wide range of aeration systems for wastewater treatment. The product range starts with surface aerators and submerged bottom aerators and ends with different kinds of diffused aeration systems. Most parts of the equipment are produced in our own facilities and can be delivered in many different executions and sizes.
Due to the large spectrum of available solutions ATB will be able to select the most economic solution for you as a client. Our tailor-made technology covers all kind of applications, from classic activated sludge plants and SBR installations to lagoons and oxidation ditches. Our experts will provide you with full design and engineering support during the complete implementation process.


ATB agitators are designed to provide the most effective homogenization of water and wastewater. Especially the floating top-entry-mixers have proven themselves in practice as a most cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to conventional systems. Due to the special vertical flow pattern they keep the bottom free from sediments. Also layer of floatables can be destroyed by this unique kind of equipment.
Different executions and individual adaptions cover also extraordinary requirements and allow the installation in challenging applications. ATB mixers are used in classic activated sludge plants as well as in lagoon plants and they are especially adapted for SBR plants and for floatables reduction.


Decanting describes the final step of sludge-water-separation during a SBR treatment cycle. The decanters are responsible to discharge the clean water into the effluent of the wastewater treatment plant without solid pollution. Therefore the decanter represents the key equipment of a SBR plant concerning the compliance with the effluent requirements.
The design of the ATB decanters has been adapted to the special challenges of the SBR applications. The construction is floating and equipped with a submerged weir. It creates a pure horizontal flow and the size of the inflow opening determines laminar conditions free from turbulence. Therefore ATB decanters guarantee that only the clear water layer is discharged into the effluent.
Due to different existing styles and executions also with additional pumps ATB decanters can be adapted to all different kinds of hydraulic and process conditions.