PUROO® is the sum of all ATB innovations 
 from almost 70,000 small wastewater 
  treatment plants; 
 consequently developed and matched 
  to the requirements of our customers.


GreenTec Awards 2014: PUROO® wins the category ”Water & Wastewater“

The GreenTec Awards are one of Europe‘s most important awards
for commitment to the environment and green environmental technologies.  More...


Since 2006 ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH participates as member of the private sector in SMART project.

It is a part of the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany) IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management in the Lower Jordan Rift Valley) R & D Programme. More...


New PUROO® product brochures

From now on PDFs of Italian and Swedish versions are available for download.  More...


“Small wastewater treatment plants, simple, clean, secure and economic: PUROO®:“
Many years of experience from almost 60,000 small wastewater treatment plants sold worldwide combined with the wishes of many customers have motivated us to enhance our wastewater treatment plants.


The most sold SBR small wastewater treatment plant – for single or multiple dwelling units from 1 to 50 inhabitants, for new construction or retrofitting. 


For businesses, municipalities, hotels, catering and the processing of foodstuffs. From 1 to 50,000 inhabitants, for new construction or retrofitting.